• Knosys
    Knowledge Management Platform

    Managing knowledge as a strategic asset across the entire organisation and facilitating better collaboration delivers better decision making and business outcomes.

  • Single Source of Knowledge

    Knosys indexes and virtualises organisations data, transforming it into useable knowledge, without the need to re-ingest the data or rebuild existing systems.

  • Better decision making

    Knosys allows organisations to better capture, manage and utilise information to improve all forms of decision making.

  • Purpose built Knowledge
    Management platform

    Unlike bolt on modular developments designed for multiple purposes, such as CMS knowledge management applications, Knosys is a purpose built knowledge management platform.

  • Alignment with business processes

    Increase productivity and quality of outcomes by injecting knowledge into complex decision making processes and guiding users by presenting information in a manageable and tiered form.

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    Knowledge Management

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    Single Source of Knowledge

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    Better decision making

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    Purpose built KM platform

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    Business Processes

Knosys provides industry leading functionality

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icon Powerful features to deliver better business outcomes

Knowledge deployment is about the specifics of what's to be done, when to do it, what we have learnt and how it will be done differently next time.
Multi faceted content means key information is delivered to the user's role and business context in the organisation.

  • Strategic Asset creation
  • Converting institutional knowledge
  • Improved decision making
  • Continual assessment improves outcomes
  • Indexes and tags information
  • Easy to use modern interface

icon Deployment options Flexible solutions to suit all business operations

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    On Premises Solution

    Installed on client infrastructure - Complete or partial installed application - Deployed on clients network and infrastructure - Integrated into client network - External application API access.
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    On Demand Solution

    Hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) - A fast, reliable, and secure cloud solution - Scalable - Updates Automatically - Support & Maintenance Contracts - Simplified Operating Cost.